The Broad Prospect Market of the Shipbuilding in Indonesia


Because of the backwardness of Indonesia's logistics, according to statistics, the cost of logistics in Indonesia is 24% in the country's GDP, which seriously restricts the economic development and leads to the huge price difference between different regions.

As an archipelago country, developing the shipping industry plays an important role in reducing the logistics cost and improving the economic efficiency of Indonesia.

As an important support for maritime transportation and interconnection, shipbuilding industry has become the focus area of government development.

According to the government's open information, Indonesia needs at least 1000 or more types of ships in the next 5 years.
At present, there are 250 shipyards in Indonesia, of which 105 are located near Batam Island, Singapore.

Limited to the technical level, most of the ships made by the Indonesian shipyards are under 50000 tons of weight at present; but most of the boats made in the Indonesian shipyard are mostly less than 5000 tons.

The larger ships, the Indonesian shipyard construction cycle is too long, and the quality of the lack of assurance, does not have economic rationality, the vast majority of the Indonesian shipowners will be transferred to China or Korea, Japan.

On the other hand, about 30% of the more than 13000 ships currently owned by Indonesia are old ships with 20 years of age over age, with poor economic and security and need to be replaced by newer ships.

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